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The Great Estate Festival 2017


By far my favourite festival to date, in it’s first year, the Great Estate Festival 2017 was quirky, different and as self proclaimed ‘rambunctious’! We partied with posh frocked ladies and their Prosecco trolleys, danced to Craig Charles and his funk and soul show and chilled out in a hot tub courtesy of Kernow Springs.


Tent set up, glass of gin poured, festival glitter…check. We are ready to go.


We are most definitely in Cornwall, this was probably the first of many selfies over the weekend.


This guy. I mean he makes Red Dwarf what it is, Robot Wars died a little bit when he left and I think

I only watched an episode of Corrie when I realised he was in it.

Yep, Craig Charles stole the show and in a brilliant way at that.


The woodland silent disco partied away until long after hours, that is the beauty of

headphones, although I think the chorus of Wonder wall could be heard as far as Redruth.


As quickly as the 3 day festival started, Monday came around and it was time to pack away the tent for what was at the time unknown to us, the final time ever. The weather had held off for most of the weekend, on Monday morning the clouds opened and we had a very soggy pack up. I think it was this that lead us to find our new friend only 2 weeks later, Blue the Campervan.


Will we be back at the Great Estate Festival next year? Our 2018 ticket confirmation says yes, we wouldn’t miss it!


Line up and ticketsGreat Estate Festival

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